Volksnah - Folge dem Sturm

The men from Volksnah have of course remained true to themselves and continue to indulge in their calm interpretation of right-wing rock on their second album. With a lot of melody and a lot of heart, the band delivers us handmade music that fortunately is still stylistically reminiscent of the music of old days. Two singers at the microphone may seem unusual at first, but the interaction of the voices creates a very unique effect. Texts from life, with a clearly politically motivated language, make it clear where the band locates itself and what values ​​it professes. Graphically it's in no way inferior and the whole thing has been given a modern touch. The supplement contains all texts and is appropriately illustrated. Good thing and certainly an improvement on the already good debut from 2021!

Check out a sample here

1. Opferkult

2. Kein stillstand

3. Mit dem volk für das volk

4. Spalter

5. Das mädel

6. Aktivist

7. Aus dem nebel

8. Gratismut

9. Mach dein ding

10. Der innere kampf

11. Vater

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