A Tribute to Tonstörung

In my opinion, Tonstörung from Mannheim, along with Nahkampf and Kraftschlag, were largely responsible for the ideological orientation of the next generation of musicians. Tonstörung  were  of course not the first band with national lyrics. At the end of the 80s there were already a few groups with  political  aspirations, but unfortunately they often didn't get beyond the pure slogan stage. This was of course due to the times. But Tonstörung really took their ideological approach to the next level  . And no, I'm not thinking of the  " blutigen Everbrown" . Tonstörung's lyrics inspired not only me, but a whole generation of young people. And I'm still grateful for that today. 30 years after the band officially broke up, here is finally a long-deserved tribute. A total of 11 timeless classics were set to music by Aufbruch aus Mannheim, die  Faschistischen  Vier, Eichenlaub mit Schwertern, Einzelkämpfer, Heureka, Pfalzfront, Regiment 25, Thomas Ml, Sturmrebellen, Störmanöver and Sturmtrupp. The record is rocking without end. Not just for fans of the old Mannheim combo.

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