Pfalzfront - Tradition bewahren

New  band project from the heart of the Palatinate with the participation of  " Heureka Wiesel " . In typical  " rumble rock style "  there are 11 songs, one of which is sung by Wiesel and 2  cover  versions (one Stahlgewitter, one Störalarm) you can hear a rough voice and hard rock music. Pfalzfront is not experimental music, nor is hardcore reinvented or black metal repurposed. They fall back on the tried and tested, i.e. solid, rocky and above all melodic music. The singing harmonizes with the music and is very catchy. The lyrics are about football topics, traditions, times gone by, the legendary Blocksberg in Ludwigshafen and the obligation to one's people. Based on the participants it was clear that Pfalzfront would not be a dud. Good German  RAC  in the style of Heureka or Einzelkämpfer, for example.

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