Hakkus und das Nordlicht - Kämpfen oder untergehen Digi

Some of you may already know the songs from the guys' YouTube releases. And as promised back then, these 16 songs are now also being released as a physical recording in the form of this great digipak with a thick booklet! Hakkus, singer of the "Candy Division" impresses once again with his powerful, rumbling voice and bold political lyrics. Musically, this work is also convincing across the board, as the powerful music is catchy and, in addition to slightly electronic elements, also impresses with a lot of melody and a healthy heaviness.

The proceeds from this version, limited to 500 copies (if it's gone, it's gone!), will go to a good cause.

All-round successful campaign & production - should surprise some people!

Check out a sample here!

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