Solidarität vol. VI

 It must have been around the middle of last year when people from different groups came to us and said it was time for a new part of the "Solidarity" series. Some projects & friends had to struggle with repression, be it from authorities, courts or other state institutions. So they called all the artists, asked questions and were very surprised at how quickly a considerable number of confirmations came together. And, it's hard to believe, we can already announce the release of the sixth part of the "Solidarity" series! Included this time are The Lunikoff Conspiracy, Lion's Scream, Intifada, Baltic Storm, Steel Cap Shine, IC1, Sturmwehr, Gegenpol, Phil & Leni, Blutrein, Eversor, Paladin (Excess solo), Killuminati, Voice of Retribution, Uwocaust and Accomplices, Pharos, Ancestral Blood, Sick Society, Undying Loyalty, Hope Bearers, Germanness and Helle and the RAC'kers! In total there are an incredible 24 songs, which were distributed over 2 CDs. And a very important fact - 99% of the songs were recorded exclusively for this disc! So you can expect a colorful mix of well-known bands - from RAC to metal to ballads, it really has it all! We can say without further ado, a sampler that we are proud of. Friends need help - show your solidarity!

CD 1

01. Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Ihr Seid So Dumm

02. Löwenschrei - Herz Aus Gold

03. Intifada - Intifada

04. Baltic Storm - Ehrenmann

05. Stahlkappenglanz - Der Kampf Geht Weiter

06. I.C.1 - We'll Never Be Silent

07. Gegenpol - Ring Frei

08. Sturmwehr - Der Eid

09. Phli & Leni - Sonnentraum

10. Blutrein - Jede Faser Im Körper

11. Eversor - Stehn Wir Auch Dem Galgen Nah

12. Paladin (Exzess Solo) - Cüstrin

CD 2

01. Killuminati - Entfesseln

02. Stimme Der Vergeltung - Kämpf Dich Frei

03. Uwocaust Und Helfeshelfer - Hey Mein Freund

04. Intifada - Unsterblich

05. Pharos - United

06. Ahnenblut - Halte Nur Weiter Aus

07. Sick Society - Meinungsvielfalt & Staatsgewalt

08. Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Habeck *

09. Undying Loyalty - 17.000 Tage

10. Hoffnungsträger - Ihr Kriegt Uns Nicht Klein

11. Deutschtum - Treueschwur

12. Helle Und Die Rac'ker - Wir Sind Des Geyers Schwarzer Haufen

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