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Skullcrusher Slovenia's most famous band Odinista / NS Thrash Metal was formed in 2002 and within a few years they have gained a serious reputation in the music scene. This CD was released by Loyalty Records in 2021, featuring early recordings of the band, a “Bonecrack” demo recorded in 2003, and several concert recordings. In addition to their own compositions, they have been processing songs from bands like Metallica, Midtown Bootboys, or Vaginal Jesus. The booklet includes archive images, concert flyers, band history and a thank you list. Only 500 pieces are made of it, so it’s worth getting it fast! - Quote label

Bonecrack Demo 2003

01. System of Pigs

02. Skullcrusher

03. Exist to Resist

04. Blitzkrieg

05. Dark Times

06. Warrior's Story

07. Battlefield

08. Mystic Blot

09. As One with the Land

I.S.D. Memorial 2004, Ljubljana

10. Bang Bang (Midtown Bootboys cover)

11. Pagan Hordes

P.O.W. benefit gig 2005, Unec

12. Warrior's Story

I.S.D. Memorial 2006 , Litija

13. Skullcrusher

14. Blitzkrieg

15. Seek & Destroy (Metallica cover)

16. Dark Times

17. Battlefield

18. Niggers are no friends of mine (Vaginal Jesus cover)

19. Mystic Blot

20. MTv N

Loyalty Records

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