08-15 - Zorn der Götter 2021

Finally back on CD! The official 08/15 “Zorn der Götter” re-release! No pirated printing, no “private edition” and no “imported fan edition” from dubious scene crooks at brothel prices!

The CD "08/15 - Zorn der Götter (Edition 2021)" does not have the same textual content as the Destiny Records CD confiscated and indexed in 2014. Since the Destiny Records CD version has some text passages that are not BRD-compatible, these had to be digitally edited or defused on the LP version (2017 edition) and the CD version (2021 edition).

08/15 from Düsseldorf were able to set a milestone in the patriotic music sector with “Zorn der Götter”. The album has long been considered a reference in terms of patriotic ballads.

Digitally remastered, 9 songs with almost 38 minutes of playing time.

1. Wir sind immer noch

2. Dein weg

3. Schaut zurück

4. Echt extrem

5. Gegen euch

6. Zorn der gätter

7. Wir kommen wieder

8. Heilig ist das Vaterland

9. Peter

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