Symphony of Sorrow - Paradise Lost

Sagas metal band! After being sold out for a while its now back in stock; Symphony of Sorrow's debut album. Now with a new and improved booklet!


Heavy, brutal... and Saga! I guess that's the easiest way to describe Symphony of Sorrow, a revolutionary album, to say the least. Saga made her breakthrough with a bang and together with Triskelons tight and professional musicians they hit like a bomb on the rock for freedom stage when it was released.


One of few albums that can compete with the mainstream productions. All, from songs and music is top-notch. Spiced up maybe the best pro-national lyrics ever + a fat production and you'll understand that this is the real deal.

1. Blood Destiny
2. For the Love of Life
3. Freedom
4. The Camp of the Saints
5. War Cry
6. Beyond Good and Evil
7. The Final Outpost
8. The Iron Dream
9. Paradise Lost
10. King of the Kings
11. Forward

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