Saga - On my own (digi)



After years of preparations is the woman on most patriots lips finally ready to release her own material. And just as the title tells; she been doing this on her own. Working and working for years in her homestudio. Then finally taking it to a pro-studio and re-doing it all over again for the perfect result.


And for those who thought she was just a simple coverartist with a nice voice this will be a real awakening. Finally she can show her real talent as both song and lyricswriter, as well as producer of music; the real Saga! With her pianobased music she takes the wp-rock to another level and don't be suprised if you in the future will hear people mention this album in the same breath as they mention Rahowas Cult of the holy war, BFGs Fight goes on, Skrewdrivers Hail the new dawn etc. Simply 'cause that is just how good this album actually is!


The nice and soft ballads that so many wants to hear Saga sing are there, but also the more uptempo songs for the party...or to awakening the rage in our people cause of the crimes commited to us on daily basis. All blended in a nice mix and all the songs in such quality so none could believe it comes from a pro-white underground label. These songs could easily be mixed up with the songs played on mainstream radiostations...!


Ofcourse we have packed it as nice and exclusive as the music sounds. In a fat double paged digipack with a special folded fat booklet on one page. On the other page in the digipack there is a little gift from Saga and Midgård to all the people who during the years been asking for a signed photo; a signed poster.


1. One Nation Arise
2. Hypocrite
3. On My Own
4. These Moments(Recorded live in studio)
5. Black Bannered Legion
6. Stay Alive
7. Sick And Tired
8. Ode To A Dying People
9. The Nations Fate

# Midgård

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