Mistreat - Faith And Fury

Thanks to our brothers over in Finland so is finally this masterpiece on market again. This release is a co-operation between D88 Records and Europa Erwache Productions. This is Mistreats first full-length album which is quite impressive. Why you ask, well look at the track list and you will understand. Is it a full-length album or is it a greatest hits album?

01. Veteran

02. Troubles

03. Backstreet

04. Fourth Reich

05. Haverit on komeasti palkittu

06. Hang the scum!!!

07. It's not over

08. Must be ready

09. Nowґs the time...

10. Read

11. Take a look

12. Times are changing

13. What you gonna do?

14. Man with a badge

15. Junkie

16. Faith and fury

17. L.A. Kids

18. Njet, molotoff

19. Soldier

The strength of storm is strength of our pride

Wait for the sign that compels

We'll take up the arms against the beast

We'll beat him and throw him to hell

They burned down the houses they defamed the flags

But they can't steal our memory

knock us to the ground but we'll rise again

When the world is prepared to see

Faith and fury, all through the gray

Faith and fury, can't take them away

Faith and fury, the pride of the free

Faith and fury, the power of our loyalty

Europa Erwache Productions

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