Stronghold 13 - Kill or cure

Somewhere between Punk & Oi!, Motörhead, Sham69 and a pinch of Manowar! Awesome ! Lyrically, everything is covered and it follows on seamlessly from all three predecessors. The whole thing comes in a digifile, is shrink-wrapped, has a booklet with all the lyrics and, according to the band, is limited to 400 copies! Give it a listen, we were positively impressed!

1. Dangerous

2. Dark skies

3. On a ravens wing

4. Going rogue

5. Something got to change

6. New world order

7. Here is the news

8. Kill or cure

9. Out of touch out of luck out of time

10. Songs from the oil drum

11. New day dawns

12. Death dealers

13. Eye in the sky

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