Wåfflor Waffen - Missfosterland

Midgård Records proudly presents the Swedish answer to the german band Gigi & Die Braunen Stadsmusikanten!

It is easy-going punkrock well-packed into a little bit not so serious and funny image, but deadly serious
in their way to hammer their critics about the regimes that runs our countries today!

Both in english and swedish language.

Comes with a 12-pages booklet and a package that is.. a waffle iron??

Dont miss this one!

01. Det är inte försent

02. Arlanda nästa

03. Europe

04. Det ogräddade systemet

05. Lampskärmar och tvål

06. Dags för revolution

07. Save the world

08. Dagens frihet

09. The Terror state family

10. Missfosterland

11. Realist

12. Tack Sverige Godnatt!



Live video:

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