Pitbullfarm - Glory Hole Hallelujah

Many many people have asked for a new CD from the psychobilly-band Pitbullfarm.

2002 their first album "Pitbullfarm" was released (of course you can find it in our shop) and now; 2013, its finally here!

Psycho psycho psycho!


01. Rubber Sexmachine
02. United Pimps Of Pussyville
03. Midnight Hour (Slapping Suspenders cover)
04. Happy Ending
05. Switchblade Casanova
06. Moscow (Blitz cover)
07. Psycho Monkeys
08. Calzone Beach
09. Welcome To Pussyville
10. Love After Death
11. See You In Hell
12. White Trash Gigolo
13. Muuminpeikkon Kyrpä

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