Division S - Attack

Together with Vit Aggressions record, this was the first freedomrock albums that got released in Sweden. And just like Vit Aggressions album Död åt Z**, it's still as popular today as when it got released. These 2 albums are probably the most selling Swedish albums ever!


This is a classic album of bigger proportions that now, on the new release, also includes 4 bonustracks that wasn't on the original (these are 4 tracks from the old split album with the american band Bully boys, that album is now out of stock because of Bully boys, in Sweden, illegal lyrics).



1. Attack


2. Egen medicin


3. Svärd i hand


4. Den nya aveln


5. Valhalla


6. Under the Jolly Roger


7. Final battle


8. Hora


9. En hyllning... (till Roberg Jay Mathews!)




10. Bifrost


11. Budkavlen


12. Blod och ära


13. Midvinterblot



# Midgård

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