Sturm und Drang - Ahnenerbe und Totenkult

After so many years, who would have really expected the battleship "Sturm und Drang" to hoist anchor again and go on a long journey? One or the other may at first fear that the men will play it safe and only deliver a pleasing album after a long time. But these doubters are quickly taught better by a wild mix of brutal rock and metal. All facets that the musical universes of the actors involved reveal were explored to the maximum. Hard riffs and pounding drums meet atmospheric sounds and rousing melodies. The frontman also performs a real balancing act vocally. Between his soft and aggressive vocal parts, there is a coarseness in his voice that many have already missed in him. The topics and their textual implementation go very deep and send the listener on a journey that is characterized by a visually powerful language. Every now and then you feel reminded of some mainstream band for a moment. But such associations quickly vanish again in the abundance of impressions that storm you musically. The whole album always knows how to surprise and offers a range that is rarely found. For more than 40 minutes, S.U.D. prove to us that they can rightly be called the malevolent - older brother of "C.o.V."!

1. Othala

2. Den toten an der neibe

3. Lauf

4. Sei nicht blind

5. Ringt sie nieder

6. Heimat

7. Ernte

8. Die augen des falken

9. PAnzergrendier

10. Ein letztes mal

11. Kämpft!

12. Yr

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