Sturm 18 - S.A.B.O.T.A.G.E

The surprise of the year is perfect! Sturm 18 went to the studio for a last album. Storm 18 sound more aggressive, fresher and lash forward with clear messages. The entire cover is elaborately designed and contains all texts and appropriate graphic design. The Legion 88 cover piece "Leon Degrelle" was particularly successful. An absolute must for every political skinhead, nationalist and friend of the movement! >>> Quote label!

01. Willkommen In Der Schönen BRD

02. Tod Dem Imperium

03. Open Borders 4 Israel

04. Léon Degrelle (Legion 8? cover)

05. Und Ihr Habt Doch Gesiegt

06. New Stormtrooper Breed

07. Ein Böser Traum

08. Sabotage

09. Schrei Die Wahrheit Raus

10. Der Wehrwolf Erwacht

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