Punkfront - Der Kalte Krieg Digi

There they are again, the guys who understood that punk rock doesn't just have to follow leftist ideologies with their second full album. The last MiniCD "Noch so`ne Affäre" is skilfully linked to the last MiniCD and a whole spike is added both in terms of content and music. This disc contains more aggression, more anger and more variety.

In addition to the two main singers, the front man from Kriegsberichter  is brought on loan and rounds off the whole thing, which gives a very nice contrast.

Everyone gets their fat off here, whether they are wannabe punk and / or revolutionaries, organic nutrition hipsters or Lebeschön. In terms of content, we again look far beyond our own nose and (not the everyday and already so often sung about topics) pecked at with full anger in the stomach for social criticism.

A youth, brainwashed by "Germany Next Top Model", softened and EU-compliant, is opposed to the resistance, with full hardship, strength and full hatred!

With the artwork of a washed-out 70s comic, the new album comes with 13 songs, 20-page extra thick booklet.

01. Gestatten

02. Der Kalte Krieg

03. Friss Oder Stirb

04. Sterni Export Und Eine 20 Euro Nutte

05. The Walking Waste

06. Für Christel

07. USE- Nein Danke

08. Reisegruppe Sondergruppe

09. Berggorillas Rache

10. Einer Flog Ins WTC

11. Konsum Ist Geil

12. Der Mann Mit Der Tasche

13. Germanys Next Idiot

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