Macht & Ehre - Die Fahne Voran

We have been looking forward to this album, new work by Jones, together with new musicians he made RAC history again. A really strong album with many hits. That starts with the opening song "Er war im Recht", a clear announcement for whom his heart beats. "Für Deutschland" then joins a series of endurance classics which the band is so well known for. With a few words: Out standing band delivers one more brilliant album!

01. Er war im Recht

02. Die Fahne voran

03. Für Deutschland

04. Die bösen Geister

05. Lasst sie in den Ghettos leben

06. Wir sind im Krieg

07. Mein Russenfreund

08. Das deutsche Volk

09. Darf ruhig sein

10. Deutsche Musik

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