Kreuzfeuer - The years of Oi

2020: We found a handful of this one in our storage.

German cultband Kreuzfeuers last albums was very heavy and hard. But that is now how they sounded from the start. As most bands they started as a RAC/Oi-band...and on this album they have re-mastered their early stuff and put it out again(since the old songs since long been sold out and their old record-label have disapeared).


1. Nicht hält uns auf
2. Jeden tag
3. Triebtäter
4. Tanz oder stirb
5. Sohn einer hure
6. Prinzessin in der Dämmerung
7. Die wilden jahre
8. Auf wiedersehen in meinem paradies
9. Wochenende
10. Räslein auf der heide
11. Das Tier
12. Ewiges leben
13. Vision 2000


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