West Wall - Blietzkrieg symphony #1 in D-Minor



New re-release from West wall´s debut album. One change is made and that is that it is a new singer behind the microphone! Brilliant move! We wrote this about the album when it came out the first time:

""New American band with former Bound For Glory members + Roy from Final War. Could have been a follow-up to Last act of defiance, fully-fledged heavy metal with fitting vocals. Ed's guitar work is brilliant again, a technically perfect album, with great production. Easily compares to some bigger names out there in the mainstream.

For fans of BFG and the the harder genre in general...""

01. Panzer voran
02. The many rivers I crossed
03. Titan's march
04. Bloody road to Kharkov
05. Peiper's last stand
06. Iron fist
07. Over the maginot
08. Blitzkrieg symphony


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