Die Deutschen kommen III Double LP

It's finally here, the cult sampler "Die Deutschen kommen Teil 3 "! With a playing time of a good 80 minutes, 21 songs that have it all, because these songs are only available exclusively on this vinyl and on no other!

The bands included are:

Die Lunikoff Verschwörung,

Nordfront, Mudoven,

Kommando Freisler,

Gegenschlag, Flak,

Faktor Deutschland,

Enkel des Reiches,

Hauptkampflinie line and many other well-known artists!

This disc is dedicated to Friedhelm Busse, who fought for Germany all his life, bravely and faithfully to his sworn oath.

As a special extra on this disc there are 2 bonus songs:

Faktor Deutschland - Wille & Sieg

and finally "Flak" with the song "Mach's Gut!" in memory of Siegfried Borchert!

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