Last Obstruction - City Riot Digi

English-speaking band from Central Germany. Anyone who listens carefully knows that there are no newcomers working here, but rather veteran musicians who have already recorded one or two legendary albums. Musically, the whole thing is completely to my taste, the whole record goes through from start to finish in one piece without a single drop and the trained ear can hear the influence of the American Oi!Core bands as well as the Brachial Oi! Japanese design. Limited to 600 copies.

1. Last Obstruction

2. Ain't no pity

3. Let the good times roll

4. On your knees0

5. W.F.J.

6. No hope

7. Family and Friends

8. City Riot

9. S.O.I.A.

10. This one's for you

11. Too old to die young

12. Fuck off media

13. Respect (Bonus)

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