Berlin Breed - Von Wölfen, Von Hunden

After the vinyl version of the EP sold out in no time, here's your chance to get hold of Berlin Breed's new songs on CD. For anyone who hasn't had any luck with vinyl or for those who aren't particularly into vinyl, you can access it here. If gone, then gone!


There it is again, the infamous band that doesn't let up to show us honestly and loudly, but always rhythmically and with an angry smile on their lips, the problems of this time and in particular the Federal Republic of Germany. 4 songs were set to music here. 2 in typical band style and 2 that are a bit out of line. On the one hand, it would be an English piece by Ian, which they should at least know if anyone in general has ever heard it (as far as I know, it was only on a rare Klansmen compilation CD). It's a really cool piece, the volume and the lyrics fit together perfectly. Without going too far, this should become an anthem.

Song number two, which is a bit out of line, is a song that is completely new for the band, both vocally and in terms of playing. Partly in the rock'n'roll/country/blues style, it shows that you can't just convey meaningful content in a rough and fast manner. You will quickly recognize which song I mean.

The songs come as a mini CD in a cardboard slipcase with the 4 songs for the car etc. as well as an insert with all the lyrics and 2 stickers.

1. Wir schaffen Platz
2. When the men who fly the flag
3. Wenn der Tag einst kommt
4. Du bist ihr Hund

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