Absurd & Grand Belial´s Key & Sigrblot - Weltenfeind Digi

A 3-way split with two NSBM bands from Germany and one pagan metal band from Sweden.


01. Weltenfeind

02. Black Hand of Death

03. Ulfhednir - Todesschwadron

04. Die Gesandten des Grauens (Der Fluch cover)

Grand Belial's Key

05. It Bribes the Heavens

06. Mourners Flock to Gethsemane

07. Yahweh's Charlatans

08. Can't Tell No One (Negative Approach cover)


09. Braadödha Vindh (Diävuls Andadräth)

10. Exiles of the Golden Age

11. Varg I Veum

12. Kali Yuga Intifada

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