Mistreat - We Start The Fire - The Compilation Tracks Digi

All sampler contributions from the last few years are summarized on this Mistreat CD. Cover versions of three old Finnish punk bands as well as covers by The Crack and Vice Squad as well as tribute songs by Estirpe Imperial, Final War and Brutal Attack. Comes in a digipak, which is limited to 500 pieces.

01. Lost Highway

02. Kysymyksia Faijalle

03. Don't Just Sit There

04. Die Or Defeat (Estirpe Imperial cover)

05. Stand Strong, Stand Proud

06. Jumalan Sotilaat

07. Punainen Vaara

08. Rappioperontö

09. War Machine (Final War cover)

10. For The Fallen And The Free (Brutal Attack cover)

11. Finally Free

12. Slayers Of The Beast (feat. Squadron) (Bonus)

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