They Want Your Soul & Lanz - Brothers in Mind Vol.2

The record starts with the Hungarian band, we can hear five great songs from them, the songs are mostly reminiscent of the songs of the modern German RAC scene, but we can also hear a more hard core composition from them, which reminds me mostly of Moshpit . The five tracks are not boring at all, we can hear news from the '40s under the music, in one of the tracks the tunes of a beginner are played on a guitar.

Lanz plays somewhat more melodic music, accompanied by strong deep vocals, if I had to compare it to something Brigada Totenkopf's more melodious songs jump in.

The disc was released in a traditional CD case, with a 12-page text book, the lyrics are easy to read, appropriate illustrations under each text, the publisher's advertisement on the back and a short list of thanks.

They want your soul

1. Korkep

2. Térjetek észhez

3. Lánctalpas harcosok

4. Ismeretlen katona

5. A per


1. En manos enemigas

7. Codo a codo

8. La última batalla

9. Nuestro se está agotando

10. Himmo del solado

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