Valhalla - A frontvonalban (LP)

Valhalla was one of the most popular Hungarian NS rock bands of the 1990s, with the release of their legendary debut album, “Judgment Day,” in 1996. In 2017, the band’s farewell album was released under the auspices of Loyalty Records. The album “On the Front Line” perfectly combines the style traits of an old school atmosphere and a modern rock sound. The lyrics also follow the traditions represented by Valhalla, emphasizing the importance of old values in the present age. In addition to our own songs, we can also find another Skrewdriver adaptation on the album. A worthy farewell to the legend.

01. Teljes erőből

02. Hitvallás

03. Minket győzni szültek

04. Asgard átka

05. A frontvonalban

06. White power rock and roll

07. A bátor ősök vére

08. Nem mind arany

09. 46 év

10. Nem szegjük meg

11. A kommunizmus halott

12. A szabadság bölcsője

13. Éljenek a harcosok!

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