Feindnah - Avantgarde

For those of you who already know Feindnah their new album will be a MUST, but everyone else should really check this one out too. Modern, fast music pushes out of the speakers, which arouses so many associations with other bands and yet captivates with an independence that is second to none. The musicians have made another big leap and play rousing-fresh rock, which comes along with a brisk dose of metalcore and through the interplay of melody and heaviness can and will certainly also inspire classic RAC friends. The two men at the microphone complement each other perfectly, because their varied and polyphonic chants captivate on the one hand with aggression and anger, and on the other hand score with masculine clear vocals. Up to this point, the 10 powerful and bold songs could also be played on the radio if it weren't for the lyrics. You have the feeling that you are being spoken deeply from the soul when the band shows a clear edge and shoots out their political and ideological point of view for 46 minutes! If you like music in the direction of CoV, Blutlinie, Übermensch, you will definitely enjoy it here!

1. Die Neue Order

2. Avantgarde

3. Gegengift

4. Ahnenband

5. Scherbenmensch

6. Wo ist sie hin?

7. Phönix

8. Berlin

9. Wie Brüder

10. Fahnenträger

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