Endless struggle - Where life ends (digi)

This is the limtied version of Endless struggle´s latest album. This version is only made in 333x and we only have a few so don´t think to long about it!


Just a year after the bands debut is they back with a new hardcore album! Just as the first album is it well written lyrics that "Major Williams" from Brainwash hammering into your ears! The only change thats have been made is that you will find a new man behind the drums but this guy have made a name for himself in bands like Terrorsphära and Fear rains down so no worry about the drums, they are in save hands! If you are into hardcore then we suggest that you don´t miss this one!


01. Intrduction   
02. There Is AHell   
03. From Your Could Dead Hand   
04. When The Knife Cuts Our Flesh   
05. The Only Truth   
06. Voice Of The Family   
07. Under Siege   
08. Going Six Feet Deep   
09. W.D.G.A.F.A.Y.   
10. Strange To Yourself   
11. Als Der Tod Vom Himmel Kam   
12. As Far As The Feet Will Carry Me   
13. 1000 Lights




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