Blackout - Spirit of the warrior

Wow! Its not everyday a new band in this class comes from Britain. Wales to be more precise. Originally Blackout was formed back in the early 90's by Stinko who sadly died in cancer and never could see this album by his first band(he played for many years in Celtic Warriors before he passed on). Stinko is nicely portraited on the frontcover of this CD.


A very varied CD ranging from melodic rock to punkier RAC to some more metal-influenced tracks, with nice vocals by Brad(guitarist of Brutal Attack). Very impressive debout from this "new" band! Hopefully more to come...


1. Spirit of the warrior
2. The hunger
3. Mental Welsh bastard
4. Motherland
5. Walhalla awaits
6. Handing them the knife
7. Before it gets too late
8. Sorrow
9. When our time come
10. Blackout
11. What the fuck
12. End of my race
13. Requiem
14. This is my country




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