Tors Vrede - Ave Victoria

When Midgård released Pluton Svea's CD "Segermarschen" stood the whole scene with wide open mouths because of the professionalism and the cleaver and powerful lyrics.

Now do we it again!!! Tors Vredes' (the anger of Thor in English) debut CD is finally here.
They stay true to their own sound which is easiest described as a great mix of powerful RAC and good old Swedish Viking rock. If you compare Ave Victoria with their split CD with Fyrdung you will soon find out that the guys are now more comfortable with everything - from lyrics to music.
Really powerful CD that we are sure would be a fresh wind in the scene. 11 tracks that comes with a top notch 16 pages booklet that contains all lyrics.
We can't win to the sound of our enemy tunes - but to the tunes of Tors Vrede will we have a great chance to raise from the grave and smash the golden chains and draw the sword against the dragon which is holding a tight grip on our people's throat.
Hail victory! Ave Victoria!  


01. Intro
02. Ave Victoria
03. Seger i runor
04. Unite
05. Hjältars blod
06. Nordmäns dom
07. Answer the call
08. Vår vilja
09. Levande död
10. Hear the storm
11. Till min son



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