Pitbullfarm - Who the fuck is Billy?

!!! This is the re-press with one bonus track !!!


A following up cd to the popular "Glory hole hallelujah" They rock on with there own sound and they do it fucking good!!!  This is what the band has to say about the new cd.

"Rockabilly? Psychobilly? Punkabilly? Who the fuck is Billy, and what about him?

People often ask what kind of music we play. It's a tought question without any good answers. It's impossible to categorize Pitbullfarm. We're not followers of any traditional music.

Most of the songs we've recorded on this album are made by some of the bands who are closets to our hearts. Bands who have made a big impression on our life's from an early age.

We don't follow any rules for what's "suitable" to sing, how to behave, political correctness etc. We actually don't give a fuck about anything at all. We play for everyone who likes our music. If you don't like us, then fuck off!!!"


01. A case of pride 

02. The time was right

03. Barry prudom

04. Crime of the century 

05. Silly thing

06. Your identity

07. City of light

08. Because you're young

09. So what

10. Back in history

11. Razors in the night

12. Teenage kicks

13. Weak

 14. Where have all the bootboys gone

15. Cry, Cry , Cry

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