Moröse - The call

Here you can find the old school Skinhead RAC from Finland. Finland? Of course you immediately think of Mistreat and you are not completely wrong with this thought. The gentleman, who is mainly responsible for the music and lyrics of MORÖSE, was part of the live line-up of Mistreat for a while. He also has his fingers in the game with the Brutal Skins, Wrongdoers, Kings Cross and Ukonnaula. With "The Call", MORÖSE's first album is now in front of us and that can really be heard. 10 tracks with a playing time of a little more than 30 minutes offer a musical cross-section from the aforementioned bands. "We are skins all the way, proud and strong, get out of our way") to left bacilli ("Antifa everywhere trying to rip and tear, soldiers of the web, building up your street cred") to more serious issues ( "Remember all the fallen brothers, remember all who gave their life, remember all the mothers, who had to see them die"). All texts can be read in the nice booklet. Old-school friends are sure to find good entertainment here. Everyone else should risk an ear too!

1. Not for you

2. Left side losers

3. Troublemaker

4. Shame on you

5. The call

6. No parole

7. Freedom song

8. Your solution

9. Cunts and fools

10. Tonight

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