Midgård - Pro Patria II

The Midgård 'pro patria'-serie is an on going project between Midgard Records and various international musicians. It got a softer style and sometimes a bit different sound than the ordinary Rock for freedom productions.


Also on vol.2, Nigel (from No Remorse, Fortress, Ravens wing etc.) made the music while we chose to have a male vocalist in this, the second, volume. The natural choice was FJ from Triskelon that also wrote most of the lyrics. The music has gotten obvious influences by Rahowas mystical masterpiece 'Cult of the holy war', but just like vol.1; this is all in swedish. Even this release became a huge success!

1. Segra eller dö
2. Martyrernas dag
3. Kedjan kommer att brista
4. De hängdas gud
5. Utsända av Oden
6. Frihetsrevolt
7. Krigare
8. Fibulavintern
9. Ristad i sten
10. Vapenbröder

# Midgård

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