Midgård - Pro Patria I

The Midgård 'pro patria'-serie is an on going project between Midgard Records and various international musicians. It got a softer style and sometimes a bit different sound than the ordinary Rock for freedom productions.

On this, the first album in the series, Nigel (from No Remorse, Fortress, Ravens wing etc.) and Jocke (from Pluton Svea) did music. The vocals were made by the female singer Frigg that naturally put a more feminine touch to the album. The result is really breaking new ground and the album is a huge success. Especially since the lyrics (by Per Engdahl, Sven-Olof Lindholm and more) are as good as the music.

1. Landet är vårt!
2. Framför oss ligger Sverige
3. Sveriges söner
4. Blotta åter fanan
5. Unga viljor
6. Hör i öster
7. Landet från förr
8. Upp till den morgon
9. Det vaknande folket
10. Upp alla svenskar

# Midgård

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