Gardet - Fiende på egen mark

New Swedish band Gardet made their first recordings for the Nordland 6 compilation. But make no mistake, these guys are professional musicians from another genre! They now for the first time play by their heart and let all their anger and frustration out in the open air via their patriotic lyrics. Feel their rage...



1. Rättsröta

2. Blindgångare

3. European defense

4. Politiker

5. Racists

6. Frihet

7. Let them stay (in the Middle East)

8. The North´s gonna rise again

9. Oh no, here comes a Commie

10. Enough

11. Vid ruinens brant

12. Shoulder to shoulder

13. Fru Justitia

14. Civilkurage

15. Sahlin Sahlin

16. Ett rike, ett land




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