Endless Pride - Decade of Pride

 After some struggle (everything from wrong mastering format to a new address at the printing house), Endless Pride's 10 years anniversary CD is finally here! Midgård are proud to present this rock solid CD, since it was here, at Midgård, that Endless Pride released their first CD, and since Parasite, it has happened a lot. The guys have become more distinct and better musicians. If you want your collection of pro-white music to be complete, then this one is a must!

Both Thomas (Nothung) och Jocke (Vit Legion) are guest singers, and one of the songs is written by the one and only, Kenneth from Storm. Could this be any better?


1. Upp till räkning 
2. Göran Oredsson (r.i.p.)
3. You are the future of life (my son)
4. Killed by death
5. Din framtid
6. Act now!
7. Be the light
8. I Vildjurets skugga  
9. Pride is a crime  
10. You are a joke
11. Fly away
12. Jönköping skins (bonus)

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