Skumshot - Sounds Through Our Eyes

Here you have the first album of the Greek band Skumshot. The Hellen offers you 10 of your own. Of these, 9 songs are sung in English and the piece "Justice" is performed in Greek. Punk rock meets a splash Oi! and RAC. Once again, the Greek bald scene has a new hanging sign. Textually, one is anything but politically correct and one confesses without if and but to nationalism. Songs like "Witchhunt", "Last white man on earth" or "wake up" speak volumes. Watch the video "Trust no one" and enjoy the appropriate attitude appropriate to the year 2020. There is a 12-page booklet with everything that goes with it. Top production that is not only interesting for fans of Greek Oi! / RAC

1. Wake Up

2. Trust No One

3. It's Punkrock Not Poetry

4. Justice

5. Our End Is Near

6. Now's The Time To Speak

7. False God

8. Witchhunt

9. Hatred Lasts Forever

10.The Last White Man On Earth

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