Lion´s pride - Vlaanderen

Finally some new tracks from Lion´s pride! The cd contains seven tracks inclusive into which maybe are a little thin but don´t worry about instead of more tracks have they put a DVD along with the cd that contains videos, pictures etc.

Tip: If you have miss Lion´s pride old cd "Stand and defend" we suggests that you check it out!


01. Dream of Flanders/Vlaanderens droom (intro)
02. De leeuw van Vlaanderen
03. Ancestors arise!
04. Legions of a new dawn
05. Souls forever free
06. De vlaamse leeuw (flemish anthem)
07. 11th of July, 1302


Protect and survive
Live in Lithuania 2010
Legions of a new dawn


Celtic dream
Europe united in diversity
Where eagles dare




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