Volksnah - Es Ist Soweit Digi

The roots of this band go back almost a decade and in recent years they have already proven their skills at many live concerts. First now have "Volksnah" got together and entered a studio to record their first CD together. What the gentlemen, some of whom are known from other bands, deliver is handmade Rechtsrock album, which is pleasantly reminiscent of the good old days and yet one refreshingly own way. No metal, no hardcore, just 40 minutes of groovy, down-to-earth RAC. Guitars that are fun with a lot of melody and vocals that don't try to make a bad copy of Gigi or Blutzeugen. You wear your heart on your tongue and This is also the thematic processing of what apparently occupies the musicians. But do not worry, you don't expect a tearful soul striptease, because songs like "Wehrmacht", "Terror" and "Opfer der Sucht" speak a clear language. Packed in a fine digipak, there are 10 songs, with a playing time of 43 minutes.

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1. Es ist soweit

2. Zu lang gewartet

3. Kapitalismusfalle

4. Stille

5. Opfer der Sucht

6. Wehrmacht

7. Terror

8. Untergang

9. Ausweg

10. Entartung

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