Sturmwehr - Büßersyndrom

Sturmwehr is once again back with a new kick ass album,  This album takes off where "Heiliges blut" ended, which means classic Sturmwehr rock with fast and playful guitars mixed with heavy and powerful guitars side by side with catchy melodies and  with (as always) well written and interesting lyrics about the political situation in Europe  and the  importance of  our struggle and the responsibility we have to continue and finish our task.


Let this  Sturmwehr album inspire you and use the energy from the album to continue the struggle for our Europe and for a brighter and better tomorrow 



Release year: 2016



01. Gruss An Euch Alle

02. Es Herrscht Krieg

03. Feuer Im Blut

04. Büßer Syndrom

05. Das Herz Eines Gauklers

06. Germanenherz

07. Glaubst Du...

08. Ewiger Banner

09. Triumph Des Winters

10. Vollidioten

11. Desillusioniert

12. Der Nette Nazi Von Nebenan

13. Vater Und Sohn

14. Brennende Herzen

15. Wir Sind Was Wir Sind ja


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