Sturmrebellen - Die Abrechnung

Sturmrebellen are without doubt a productive band. It is 8 years since we first heard from them on the debut album Mein Leib in Heimat Erde during those 8 years have they added four more albums on top of the debut. The latest album, number five in line is called Schweiss spart Blut which got a warm welcome in Germany and abroad.

For the sixth album in the eight-year history of the band, the storm rebels have put a lot more work on it. With new musicians, the boys deliver a contemporary sound that sometimes sounds confidently melodic, sometimes brutally aggressive. Above all, the singer's concise voice carries the songs ... Beautiful angry RAC with a clear political message.

We recommend!

01. Sturm

02. Kultur Der Geisteskranken

03. Leben Heisst Kampf

04. Abrechnung

05. Massaker Von Broniki

06. Wir Klagen An

07. Heimat

08. Mein Uropa War Soldat

09. Töchter Und Söhne

10. Herren Des Krieges

11. Für Dessen Macht

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