Stahlwerk - Idealist 2CD limited edition

Limited edition,made in 333x. Just a handfull in stock!

Moderner Oldschool RAC, this is the best way to describe the style of Stahlwerk. The gentlemen from Dark Germany prove once again that they have it right and that a lot can still be expected from them. The texts are clear, straightforward and to the point. Those who only like warm-showered poetry should rather duck their heads, because the songs come, not only metaphorically speaking, with their boots through the door. The rustic singing pukes over everything and everyone without wanting to take prisoners. "Idealist" is the motto of the record and so, of course, politicians take a ruthless position. The guitars are shredded, the sound is fat and the cheerful melodies are just fun. With the music turned up loud, you feel like putting on quartz gloves ... so let it rock!

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