Rattenlinie - Rattenlinie

The guys from Smart Violence played in 2019 in the far south of Chile with their comrades from Orgullo Sur. In addition to the concert, they not only spent time unproductively with pointless drinking, but founded a new band. The whole thing should have a socially revolutionary undertone and focus on subculture and any amount of Oi! Music. 3 songs in German, 3 songs in Spanish and 4 songs in English are offered. Below is a nightmare and a final stage cover. Sung by the singers of Orgullo Sur and Smart Violence. Besides fat Oi! and street anthems, the boys also offer political pieces that deal with Prussia and socialism as well as anti-communism. The CD is fun and the band Rattenlinie already has something to say. The album is a cast and even people who otherwise do not get mosquitoes from Spanish-speaking countries at their expense. No rods or the hundredth patchwork cooperation, but band members who have become friends and come from the respective national camps of their country and, despite all differences in cultural identity, describe the way to the third position. As far as international links are concerned, we should have known for a long time. It's good that there are still people with courage who deliberately overcome senseless labels of the reactionary Yankee nationalism of the 90s and prefer to indulge in the revolutionary spirit of squadrismo, black shirts and the "stormtroopers". Back to nation states, the red plague that offers stars as well as overcoming capitalism and plutocracy. The name Rattenlinie speaks volumes and fits like a fist to the eye. So pull out the audio sample as well as the music video from Rattenlinie entitled "New Age". So fans of RAC'n'Oi! you may buy.

1. The Rats Of Tomorrow

2. El Vaso

3. Öffne Deine Augen

4. Oi! Oi! Music

5. Marchando

6. Preußen Ist Nicht Tot

7. The Skinheads Come Back

8. Nación En Llamas

9. Together

10. New Age

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