Phönix - Pflichterfüllung

When bands like Sturmwehr, Faust, Act of Violence, Division Germania, Überzeugungstäter and PWA goes together and make a cd can the result don´t be antying else then good! Good is maybe a small word to describe the result…..awesome is maybe a better one! Each band contribute with their own sound which turns out in a great way. We are sure that this cd will be mentioned on the top-ten list over good releases 2014! 


Top notch!!!


01. Freiheitsverständnis

02. Rückschritt ist Fortschritt

03. Religioten

04. Pflichterfüllung

05. 2+2=5

06. Band of Brothers

07. Lebensraum

08. Wir sind im Krieg

09. Gift für die Massen

10. Duty




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