Phalanx - Alarmstufe Braun

The debut "Apocalypse" was released over two years! With the loss of the two old singers, new warriors have been formed and are ready to attack in a new shape of the new phalanx. 14 new songs - 14 new punches.  Phalanx winning concept from "Apocalypse" is still there, a great mix between Rock/RAC and Rap. If you liked the first one you will for sure like this one. If you missed the first one and have the balls to try something new than go for it!

01. Die Fäuste Hoch

02. Zehntausend Deutsche

03. F.S.F.F

04. Stolz, Frei Und National

05. Medienwahn Der Seelenlosen

06. Dschungelbuch BRD

07. Abschieben

08. Faustschlag Der Vergeltung

09. TeleVISION

10. Heimat, Freiheit, Tradition

11. Wir Geben Nicht Auf

12. Heimat In Not

13. Deutsches Mädel

14. Dunkle Lichter

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