# MALL MALL MALL (copy) (copy)

This three groups, which could not fit better together have join up in a studio and here do we have the result. There are 10 songs straight from the street to the you. Those who know the groups buy the part blindly and will definitely not be disappointed. Honest, uncompromising and always close to the scene, that's how it is, and hopefully it will stay that way. A 16-page booklet with all texts and an ingeniously drawn cover completes the whole thing!

1. Konfrontation

2. Mein leben

3. Näher an zuhaus (Rac´n´roll Teufel

4. Irgendwann

5. Recht und ordnung

6. Utopia

7. Wo wart ihr

8. Nur ein echter kamerad (Freikorps)

9. Kein RAC beim mrt

10. M-E-K

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