Lohengrin ‎- Im Schatten Einer Kranken Zeit

10 tracks of precise metal that, despite all the playful complexity, comes along with a lot of melody and shoots huge earwigs into the brain. Polyphonic vocals proclaim for over half an hour ideological propaganda from the fall of Babylon and the Athenian wars to the volkisch liberation movement of a man from southern Germany to the disgusting slander campaigns against the Saxon homeland in the sad 21st century.

1. Angriff     

2. Was Seid Ihr?!     

3. Stimmt Die Siegeshymnen An     

4. Wie Könnt Ich Dich Vergessen     

5. Blind Und Stur     

6. Nationalist     

7. Loyalität     

8. Orkan In Formation     

9. Sachsen Hält Stand     

10. Kein Niedergang!

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