Landser - Die Rückkehr des Unbegreiflichen

A brand new super album against all odds! Just after the court gave Lünikoff(singer) 3years and 4 months in prison for being the lead singer in the band he release a new CD. And its good..really good(as usual).


If a picture can tell more then a thousend words the cover is a good example of this...the message to the german regim is very clear; Fuck you ZOG!


Music is faster then it usually is on the first part of the CD. Second part of CD is more classic Landser style. Huge improvement in production quality, not to mention the drummer...!


*The CD goes under the name Die Lünikoff Verschwärung cause of legal reasons. But its Landser and nothing else!



1. Praludium In A
2. Stuttgart-Stammheim-Blues
3. Nr. 1 in den Charts
4. Was wird aus Deutschland?
5. Lynchlied
6. Der letzte Ritter
7. Vom Frühstück bis zum Abendbrot
8. Eure Eltern sind Geschwister
9. Bolle
10. Die Jungs Furs Brobe
11. Uber Leichen
12. Audacia (Instrumental)
13. Fels in der Brandung
14. Totsaufsong
15. Zeit zu gehn





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