Kreuz Nord-Ost - Vereint und Verschwor´n

After the successful debut CD by Wut aus Liebe and two outstanding CDs by Blutlinie, this joint project came out. The voices harmonize perfectly with each other. The two always give 188% and tell in their songs that you have to stick together even in difficult times like bad luck and sulfur. Blunt lyrics to honest melodies! A sign of repression and a ray of hope for everyone who feels like us. Clear buy recommendation!

01. Vereint Und Verschwor'n

02. So Und Nicht Anders

03. Worte Sind Zu Wenig

04. Frei Und Stolz

05. Der Alte Kodex

06. Jungs Wie Ich

07. Geist Der Freiheit

08. So Ein Geiler Sommer

09. Germanisch Frei

10. Das Glück

11. Wort Sind Zu Wenig [V2]

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